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Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (Processed Food)

1. The import of processed food and food appliances is regulated by AVA, Quarantine and Inspection Department (QID), Import & Export Regulation Division (IERD), Food Section.  Processed food products refer to all food products and supplements of food nature except meat products and fish products, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. First-time or new importers are advised to download a "Question and Answer Guide for First Time Food Importers" to familiarize themselves with the import requirements for food product(

2. Import requirements for processed food and food appliances are as follows:
a)  Traders are required to register with AVA (Processed food) to obtain a Registration Number. More information on the registration process is available on the AVA website at

 b) Food products identified through trend studies to be of high potential health risk, or have a history of poor food safety record are placed under strict import control (high risk). You are required to submit the supporting documents such as health certificates or laboratory analytical reports to certify the safety of the products when you submit your import permit application. For more details on the test parameters and import requirements of these processed food items, please visit the AVA website (Go to>>Food Sector>>Import, export and transshipment of food>>Import requirements of specific food products, (
c) When you prepare your Import Permit Application
3. When you apply for the import permit, you must declare the following in the permit application apart from other details:
i) AVA (Processed food) Registration Number  in the Licence/Certificate no. field.
ii) Product Information - Product information is required for all food products and food appliances under AVA (processed food)'s control. You need to declare the -
 CA/SC Product code field
 CA/SC Product Quantity field
 CA/SC Product Unit of Quantity field

Brand Name field - Brand Name of the food products must be declared. Otherwise, 
the name of the manufacturer of the product or the intended brand name of the product has to be filled up.

4. A list of AVA (processed food) product codes are available at website:
a)Please use the most appropriate product codes when making declaration for import permits.
b)Follow-up action with AVA (Processed Food)
In addition, you are required to comply with the conditional approval message stated in the import permit and contact AVA if the message states that inspection of your products is required.

Refer to link for AVA (Processed Food) product codes.



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Last reviewed on 15 April 2014
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