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Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA)

Guidelines for Endorsement of Importation of
Telecommunication Equipment

  • Every imported telecommunication equipment declared via  TradeNet® application is required to be endorsed by the Info-communication Development Authority of Singapore (IDA). The procedures for import of telecommunication equipment and the list of AHTN and product codes are attached herein. All dealers are requested to comply with these procedures.

  • Certain telecommunication equipment are prohibited from entry into Singapore unless prior approval by IDA has been obtained. Equipment in this category includes voice scramblers, military equipment, scanning receivers / transmitters which could be used by unauthorised persons for unlawful transmissions, interception and jamming of signals. For security purposes, the import of such equipment into Singapore are prohibited.

IMPORT FOR OWN USE (Without Dealer's Licence)

Small quantities (one or two sets) of following types of telecommunication equipment can be imported for an individual's own use without a Dealer's Licence.

Type of Equipment HS Code Product Code

Telecommunication Equipment such as standard fixed line telephones, faxes, security alarm systems, modems.

(Depend on the type of equipment)

(Depend on the type of equipment)

Internet enable handphone/Cellular handphone (mobile phone)

85171200 IDACEHCCN

Standalone GPS equipment (air/maritime) [e.g. GPS receiver]

85269110 IDAGPSCCN

Standalone GPS equipment (land) [e.g. GPS receiver]

85269190 IDAGPSCCN

Remote controlled toy [e.g. remote control for toy car/aircraft models]

85269200 IDARCTCCN

*Normal broadcasting radio equipment [e.g. AM/FM broadcast radio]

85279910 IDARATCUN

*TV (except satellite broadcast receiver)

85279910 IDABRRCUN

*Infrared remote control for audio, TV, air-condition, etc.

85437020 IDAIRCCUN

 * There is no restrictions on the quantity imported.


For import of telecommunication equipment, the following details need to be provided for an automated permit processing:

  • Valid Dealer's licence

    Please declare the appropriate valid IDA Dealer's Individual or Class licence in the import declarations. If you do not have any dealer's licence, you can apply for a Dealer's licence via IDA website: The licence number should be declared in Licence Field of the Tradenet® declaration. 

  • Appropriate Licence Type

          DEALER'S CLASS LICENCE holder is allowed to
          -  Registered Equipment (with Simplified
             Registration (SER)/General Equipment
             Registration (GER)
             number); and
          -  Equipment set out in the First Schedule of the

          allowed to import:
          -  Registered Equipment (with SER/GER
          -  Equipment set out in the First Schedule of the 
             Regulations; and
          -  Non registered equipment (without SER/GER
             number) for re-export purpose.  

  • EI number [Entity Identifier number issued by Singapore Customs]

    Be sure your EI number is registered together with Dealer's Individual/Class licence. If you have not registered your EI number together with IDA, you can notify IDA (Fax: 66592503) with your company name, Dealer's licence number and your EI number and contact person. 

  • AHTN code and Product code

    Please use the appropriate AHTN code and Product code for equipment type imported. The AHTN code and Product code table is attached.The Product Code and SER/GER number should be declared in fields in CA Product Information (Equipment details) Section.

  • For the registered equipment, please note that you need to declare the SER/GER number leaving out the dashes (" - ") as shown in following example in CA Product Information Secondary Code field:

          PRNEQ-CMRS-GP-0997-99 to be entered as 

  • If you import registered equipment using SER/GER Number of your supplier, you must obtain the authorisation from the supplier who owns SER/GER Registration Certificate and fax a copy of the letter of authorisation to Licensing & Operations Department, IDA at Fax: 66592503 one week before you import the equipment.

  • If any of the details are not provided, incorrect or are invalid, the declaration will be rejected or routed to IDA for further checks.

  • For any import queries, please call Ms Hamidah at 62111935 or Mr Badrul Hisham at 62111948.




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Last reviewed on 15 April 2014
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