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Singapore Police Force - Arms and Explosives


1    The import, export and transhipment of arms, explosives and explosives precursors are regulated under the Arms and Explosives Act Cap 13.

2    The definition of “arms” includes firearms, air rifles, air pistols, automatic guns, automatic pistols, stun gun and guns or any other kind of gun from which any shot, bullet or other missiles can be discharged or noxious fumes or noxious substance can be emitted and any component part of any such arms and bayonets, swords, daggers, spears and spearheads.

3    The definition of “explosives” means gunpowder, nitroglycerine, gun-cotton, blasting powder, used or manufactured with a view to producing effects by explosion or a pyrotechnic effect. 


4    The function of PLRD includes the following:-  

      (a)  Licensing the possession of arms, explosives
           and explosive precursors
      (b)  Controls the movements of arms and licensing
            the movement of explosives
      (c)  Licensing the manufacture, dealing in, purchase,
            removal and storage of arms, explosives and
            explosive precursors


5     PLRD issues 2 types of licences – long term (2 years period) and short term (14 days validity). The long and short term licences are as follows:-

       Long Term Licences
       (a)  Licence to possess firearms
       (b)  Licence to deal in arms/explosives
       (c)  Licence to manufacture arms/explosives
       (d)  Licence to store arms/explosives
       (e)  Licence to repair arms   

       Short Term Licences
       (a)  Licence to import arms/explosives/explosives
       (b)  Licence to export arms/explosives/explosive
       (c)  Licence to remove explosives 


6     Any person who import/export, deal in, manufacture, store, remove and possess arms/explosives without a licence shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $10,000 and to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 3 years.


7     Before any importer or exporter is allowed to import or export any arms, explosives or explosive precursors, the company must be a licensed dealer for such items.  They must login to the PLUS website using their Singpass to apply for a dealer licence. All conditions and requirements for such application are contained in the PLUS website.

8      Once the application for a dealer licence is approved by PLRD, the importer or exporter will have to key the dealer licence number in the Licence Detail Column when declaring any TradeNet® permit in the system.     

9     When declaring TradeNet® Permit, the declarant is  required to fax the following documents to PLRD (Fax 62261089) to support the application:-

     (a)  For Import - Bill of Lading/ Air Waybill, Invoice.
       (b)  For Export - Bill of Lading/ Air Waybill, Invoice, 
             End-User Certificate and Import Licence issue
             from the Authorities of the final destination.
       (c)  For Transhipment - Bill of Lading/Air Waybill, 
             Invoice, Import Licence or End-User Certificate
             from the Authorities of final destination.
       (d)  Valid Dealer Licence in arms, explosives and
             explosives Precursors issued by PLRD.
10    With effect from 16 July 2006, the Product Code for every HS code controlled by PLRD was being introduced. For every Product Code declared, you are also required to declare the Product Code Quantity and its Unit. Please note that the Product Code Unit of Quantity for PLRD’s Product codes will follow the declared HS unit of quantity.  Please ensure that the correct PLRD Product Code is declared in your permit application so as to avoid rejection of your application.  The list of PLRD Harmonised System Codes and Product Codes can be found here

11    When you are importing, exporting or transhipping non-controlled goods which are classified under PLRD’s controlled HS codes, you shall declare the product code as “MISC” for these HS codes.  The list of PLRD HS codes covering non-controlled items are marked with an asterix (*) found here.

12    The permit application submitted for PLRD controlled items may be combined with the following types of HS codes:-

       a)  Non-controlled HS codes;
       b)  PLRD controlled HS code declared with Product
            code “MISC”; and
       c)  Other CA controlled HS codes declared with
            Product code “MISC” .

On-line processing of Permit Applications    

13    All permit applications containing PLRD controlled items will be routed to PLRD for online processing. To facilitate the processing of your permit applications, you are required to fax to PLRD (Fax No. 62261089) the relevant abovementioned supporting documents quoting the Unique Reference Number of the permit application.    

14    After declaration of permit application, it will be routed online to PLRD’s processing.  The declarant shall check status of their permit application.  In case, of any query by PLRD, the declarant shall answer to necessary query promptly so as to avoid any delay in approving of the permit.    

15    For export of arms, explosives or explosive precursors, the permit application must be declared through the TradeNet® System prior to the departure date for processing purpose.  PLRD will not approve the permit application of any such goods that had departed Singapore and will take necessary action to charge the exporter in Court for exportation of PLRD’s controlled goods without prior approval and Export Licence.            

16   In addition, to the PLRD product codes, you are also required to declare the Dealer Licence Number issued by PLRD in the “Licence Number” field of your permit application.   

17   If the “Dealer Licence” is for company, you are required to specify the “Arms Dealer Licence” and/or Explosive Dealer Licence” in the “Licence Number” field.  

18   If the “Dealer Licence” is for individual or non-licensed dealer, you will specify “NA” in the “Licence Number” field and the “Name” and “NRIC/Passport Number” of the individual or name of company in the “General/Traders’ remarks” field of your permit application.     

Approval Messages 

19   Upon the approval of the Import, Export or Transhipment Permit application, the importer or exporter is required to comply with all the requirements and conditions stated in the approval message(s).  


20   For any other enquiries, you may contact the Police Licensing and Regulatory Department (PLRD)  Hotline at Tel No 6835 0000  or email to 




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List of Controlled Goods - Exports
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