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Apex Licence

Apex Licence

What is Apex Licence

The Apex Licence is a premium licence designed for warehouse licensees with diverse business operations and are able to track, trace and account for inventories across different locations through the deployment of a single computerized inventory system. With the Apex Licence, a licensee will no longer be required to take up multiple licenses for different operations. For example, a single Apex Licence will be able to cover both the storage of non-dutiable goods under the Zero-GST Warehouse Scheme as well as dutiable goods under the Licensed Warehouse Scheme.

What are the Qualifying Criteria?

Assessment of an applicant would include business continuity/financial stability, adherence to procedures/segregation of duties, system transparency/accountability, adoption of security measures and compliance history.

What are the Benefits?

An Apex Licensee would be able to enjoy the following:

Savings in licence fees

Simplified documentation requirement

Lesser reporting

Greater flexibility in business operations

What is the fee for the Apex Licence?

The fee for Apex Licence is pegged to the highest of the fee of any of the individual licences which a company will have to separately pay for operating different business activities. For example, if a company is paying $4,000 for a licence to store dutiable goods and $2,500 for storage of non-dutiable goods, the fee for the Apex License will be $4,000.

How do I Appy for the Apex Licence?

Please approach your Account Manager if you are interested to apply or if you would like to have more information about the Apex Licence.

For Information on Customs Circular(s) Apex License, please click the following:

Circular No. 04/2012 (Tiering of the LW scheme) 

Circular No. 05/2012 (Revised Container Stuffing Procedure) 

Circular No. 05/2010 (Implementation of New Measures to Monitor Movement of Dutiable Liquors and Tobacco Products)

Circular No. 4/2009 (Temporary Removal of Goods from ZGS or LWs for Auctions and Exhibitions)

Circular No. 3/2009 (Duty Exemption and GST Relief on Wine for Approved Events)

Circular No. 14/2008 (New Marking Requirement on Cigarette Sticks)

Circular No. 4/2008 (Liquor Tariff Changes) 

Circular No. 1/2007 (Lifting of Import Prohibition and Marking Requirements on Liquors/Cigarettes for export)

Circular No. 12/2006 (Suspension of GST for Goods Removed from ZGS to MES and A3PL Scheme)

Circular No. 11/2003 (Lifting of Markings on Cigarettes for Export and Re-Export)

Circular No. 27/2001 (Marking of Lot Numbers)

Circular No. 42/2000 (Markings of Duty Exempted Liquors Supplied to Embassies and High Commissions)

Circular No. 30/2000 (Temporary Release of Motor Vehicles from Licensed Warehouses)

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