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Licensed Premises for Zero GST Goods
Licensed Premises for Zero GST Goods
Addicon Logistics Management (S) Pte Ltd
Aex Shipping Pte Ltd
Agility International Logistics Pte Ltd
Air Market Express (S) Pte Ltd
Alliance Global Logistics Pte Ltd
Allport Cargo Services Logistics Pte Ltd
ALPS Logistics (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Ants Logistic Pte Ltd
APL Logistics Ltd
Asian Warehousing (S) Pte Ltd
AW Transport & Warehousing Pte Ltd
BDP (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd
Brink's Singapore Pte Ltd
C & P Holdings Pte Ltd
C Steinweg Warehousing (F.E) Pte Ltd
Certis CISCO Security Pte Ltd
CEVA Logistics Singapore Pte Ltd
Chasen Logistics Services Ltd
Christie's Fine Art Storage Services Pte Ltd
Crown Worldwide Pte Ltd
CST Container Services Pte Ltd
CWT Commodities (Metals) Pte Ltd
CWT Integrated Pte Ltd (OCWS Logistics Pte Ltd)
Dachser (Singapore) Pte Ltd
DG Packaging Pte Ltd
DHL Global Forwarding (S) Pte Ltd
DHL Supply Chain Singapore
DKSH Singapore Pte Ltd
DNKH Logistics Pte Ltd
DSV Air & Sea P/L
Eng Lee Logistics Pte Ltd
Euro Pac Logistics Pte Ltd
Ever Green Freight Forwarder
Expo Global Distribution Centre (Pte) Ltd
FCS Logistics Pte Ltd
Fine Art Logistics NLC Pte Ltd
Forcom Phase to Phase Pte Ltd
Freight Links Logistics Pte Ltd
Geodis Wilson Singapore Pte Ltd
GKE Metal Logistics Pte Ltd
GKE Warehousing & Logistics Pte Ltd
Global Specialised Services Pte Ltd
Griffin Kinetic Pte Ltd
Groz-Beckert East Asia LLP (Previously known as Eldeen Trading LLP)
H&M Metal Warehousing Pte Ltd
Halcon Primo Logistics Pte Ltd
Hankyu Hanshin Express (S) Pte Ltd
Hawk Forwarders Pte Ltd
Heah Long Seng Transport & Trading Pte Ltd
Helu-trans (S) Pte Ltd
Helutrans Artmove (S) Pte Ltd
Hitachi Transport System (Asia) Pte Ltd
Hock Teoh Huat Transport Pte Ltd
I.M. Freight International
Intas Pte Ltd
Jacobson Global Logistics (Singapore) Pte Ltd
JVCKenwood Technologies Singapore Pte. Ltd.
K C Dat Freight Solutions Pte Ltd
K Line Logistics (S) Pte Ltd
Katoen Natie Singapore (Jurong) Pte Ltd
Keppel Logistics Pte Ltd
Kerry Logistics Centre (Tampines) Pte. Ltd
Kim Ee Logistics Pte Ltd
Kuehne+Nagel Pte Ltd
KWE-Kintetsu World Express (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Lai Hock Transport Packing Services Pte Ltd
LF Logistics Services Pte Ltd
Logwin Air + Ocean Singapore Pte Ltd
LTH Logistics(Singapore) Pte Ltd
LV Shipping Singapore Pte Ltd
Malca-Amit Singapore Pte Ltd
Mandai Link Logistics Pte Ltd
Marquis Services Pte Ltd
Menlo Worldwide Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Michelle Art Transport Pte Ltd
Mitsui-Soko (S) Pte Ltd
Naigai Nitto (S) Pte Ltd
Nissin Transport (S) Pte Ltd
NNR Global Logistics (S) Pte Ltd
Pacific Harvest Logistics Pte Ltd
Pacific Integrated Logistics Pte Ltd
Pan Ocean Transport Pte Ltd
Panalpina World Transport (S) Pte Ltd
Poh Tiong Choon Logistics Limited
PQ Swiftvan Logistics Pte Ltd
Premium Logistics Pte Ltd
Pumas Logistics Pte Ltd
Realfast Marine Pte Ltd
Reliance Product Pte Ltd
Rio Logistics (S) Pte Ltd
Ryder-Ascent Logistics Pte Ltd
S.E.T. Logistics Pte Ltd
Schenker Singapore (Pte) Ltd
SDV Logistics (S) Pte Ltd
Sealine Yachts Asia Pte Ltd
Sea-Shore Transportation Pte Ltd
Serial Microelectronics Pte Ltd
SH Cogent Logistics Pte Ltd
Shimano (Singapore) Pte Ltd (Enhanced)
Shin Tai Ho & Co (Pte) Ltd
Shipping World Logistics Pte Ltd
Sin Hin Hang Logistics Pte Ltd
SKK Freight Services Pte Ltd
Soon Hoe Logistics Pte Ltd
Speedmark Logistics Pte Ltd
ST Logistics Pte Ltd
Store + Deliver + Logistics Pte Ltd
Sumitomo Warehouse (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
Taiun (SIN) Pte. Ltd.
Tanny Services Pte Ltd
The National Forwarder (S) Pte Ltd
THT Logistics Pte Ltd
Tiong Nam Logistics (S) Pte Ltd
Toll Logistics (Asia) Limited
Toshiba Logistics (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
Transit Air Cargo Singapore Pte Ltd
UBTS Pte Ltd
U-Freight Singapore Pte Ltd
Universal Transport Pte Ltd
UPS SCS (Singapore) Pte Ltd
UTC Logistics Pte Ltd
Warehousing & Distribution Pte Ltd
WHS Global Logistics Pte Ltd
Yamato Transport (S) Pte Ltd
Yang Kee Logistics Pte Ltd
Yusen Logistics Singapore Pte Ltd
Zuellig Pharma Specialty Group Pte Ltd

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