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Documentation in a Free Trade Zone

Customs control in a Free Trade Zone is minimal as it is meant to facilitate entrepot trade. All goods imported by sea or air must first be deposited in a FTZ except:
  1. where the Director-General of Singapore Customs is satisfied that for any reason it is not practicable to deposit such goods in a FTZ, he may either generally, by order or in any special case exempt such goods from being so deposited; and
  2. certain classes of goods, such as intoxicating liquors, cigarettes, cigars, cheroots, beedies, snuff, manufactured and unmanufactured tobacco must be stored in approved premises licensed under the Customs Act, Cap 70.
No Customs permit is required for transhipment of dutiable goods under through bill of lading/airway bill if:
  1. the goods arrived by air and are to be transhipped by air within the same FTZ by internal delivery;
  2. the goods arrived by sea in containers and the containers are to be transhipped without unstuffing or re-working within the same FTZ by internal delivery.

Last reviewed on 16 June 2014
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