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Airline Crew

Duty-free Concession

If you are a crew member, you will be given Duty-free and GST Relief allowances on:
  • Spirits not exceeding one quarter litre; and
  • Table wines OR beer not exceeding one litre.
provided that:
  • the liquors are for your personal consumption;
  • the liquors must not be of a category the import of which is absolutely prohibited by law;
  • you have spent not less than 48 hours outside Singapore immediately before your arrival; and
  • you are arriving from countries other than Malaysia.
and that if you import a greater quantity than the eligibility, you shall pay duty and GST on the excess.

No Duty-free Concession on Tobacco Products

There is no duty-free concession on tobacco products in Singapore.

GST Relief

Please note that there is no GST Relief on new items brought in by crew members.

GST Refund

You are not eligible to claim for GST refund if you are a crew member of the aircraft on which you are departing.

Last reviewed on 15 April 2014
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