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STGC Home > Import Certificate & Delivery Verification > Delivery Verification
Delivery Verification
When applying for an Import Certificate, please check with your exporter if a Delivery Verification (DV) is needed.

How to Apply for a Delivery Verification

If DV is required, you must submit your IC to Singapore Customs for DV within 14 days of the arrival of the goods in Singapore. If you do not submit your documents for verification within 14 days, Singapore Customs reserves the right not to verify the delivery. Similarly, Singapore Customs will not be able to verify the delivery of your goods into Singapore if you had failed to indicate the ICDV number when applying for an import permit through TradeNet®

Verification for Complete Delivery

This refers to the verification of the delivery when all the goods in the IC have been imported into Singapore. For complete verification, please submit to Singapore Customs:
  1. the importer's original copy of the IC;
  2. a copy of the import permit(s);
  3. the Bill of Lading or Air Waybill; and
  4. a copy of the Declaration by Importer of Goods under an Import Certificate. (Sample format here - DOC 19KB or PDF 6KB format)
Singapore Customs will certify that the goods and the quantity stated have arrived in Singapore based on the evidence of these documents.

After verification, you should send the ICDV Certificate to the exporter without delay.

Verification for Partial Delivery

This refers to the verification of the delivery of the goods in the IC when they are imported partially or over several different shipments.

For goods partially delivered in Singapore, you should submit two copies of the "Statement of Delivery Verification for Partial Delivery" to Singapore Customs for verification. (Sample format here - DOC 36KB or PDF 11KB format). Please attach the following documents to your Statement:
  1. a copy of the import permit(s);
  2. the Bill of Lading or Air Waybill; and
  3. a copy of the Declaration by Importer of Goods under an Import Certificate. (Sample format here - DOC 19 KB or PDF 6 KB format)

Singapore Customs will endorse the Statement of Delivery Verification and return a copy to you. When the whole consignment is delivered, you must apply for Verification for Complete Delivery, following the procedures as given above.

How to Submit Documents

For Partial Delivery Verification, you may submit your documents by email to or by fax to (65) 63552156.

For Complete Delivery Verification, you may either choose to mail your documents with orignal copies  of the IC to 55 Newton Road, #07-01, Revenue House or dropped off at Box No. 3 Strategic Goods Control Branch located on 7th Floor, Revenue House.

Please call us at (65) 6337 5996 to make an appointment with our officer for the collection of the delivery verification.

Last reviewed on 15 April 2014
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