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The Strategic Goods Control List is listed in The Schedule to the Strategic Goods (Control) Order 2013 (PDF 2MB). Goods and technology that meet the technical specifications described in the Strategic Goods Control List are subjected to control under the Strategic Goods (Control) Act.

The Strategic Goods Control List comprises 2 lists:

1.     List of Military Goods

2.     List of Dual-Use Goods

You may also refer to the Guidebook on the Determination of Strategic Goods (PDF 474KB) to understand more about Strategic Goods Control List and how to determine if your item is a strategic good or not.

List of Military Goods

The list of Military Goods incorporates controls on military items such as arms, ammunitions, bombs, tanks, imaging devices, military aircrafts and warships. As a general rule, goods and technology which are designed specifically for military use are likely to be controlled under the List of Military Goods.

There is a total of 22 categories under the List of Military Goods.

ML1: Small-Calibre Arms

ML2: Large-Calibre Weapons & Projectors

ML3: Ammunition & Fuze Setting Devices

ML4: Bombs, Missiles, Other Explosive Devices and Related Equipment  

ML5: Fire Control & Related Alerting and Warning Equipment

ML6: Ground Vehicles & Components

ML7: Chemical or Biological Toxic Agents and Related Equipment

ML8: Explosives, Propellants, Fuels and Related Substances

ML9: Naval Vessels & Components

ML10: Military Aircraft & Components

ML11: Electronic Equipment for Military Use

ML12: High Velocity Kinetic Energy Weapons

ML13: Armoured or Protective Equipment

ML14: Specialised equipment for military training

ML15: Imaging or Countermeasure Equipment

ML16: Unfinished products for use in military items

ML17: Miscellaneous equipment and materials

ML18: Production equipment for military items

ML19: Directed energy weapon systems

ML20: Cryogenic and “superconductive” equipment

ML21: Specific software for military items

ML22: Specific technology for military items

** The titles of the categories are provided for ease of reference only. Please refer to the Category Codes for the descriptions of items that are subjected to strategic goods control.

List of Dual-Use Goods

The list of Dual-Use Goods includes a wide range of goods that are designed for commercial applications but can have military applications or potentially be used as precursors or components of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). They tend to be high-end technology products and speciality materials.

A 5-digit alphanumeric code is used for goods and technology listed under the List of Dual-Use Goods. The list is divided into 10 categories and each category is further divided into 5 product groups.

** The titles of the categories are provided for ease of reference only. Please refer to the Category Codes for the descriptions of items that are subject to strategic goods control.


Last reviewed on 16 June 2014
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