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Unique Entity Number

Implementation of the Unique Entity Number (UEN)


The Unique Entity Number (UEN) is like the NRIC Number of your entity.


From 1 January 2009, all entities such as businesses, companies and societies that operate in Singapore can start interacting with government agencies using their UEN.


Singapore Customs will be implementing UEN, which will replace the Central Registration (CR) Number that you currently use to interact with Singapore Customs from January 2009.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Have questions on the UEN relating to Singapore Customs? Check out the frequently-asked questions (FAQs) here.

If you need answers to questions pertaining to UEN in general, click here.

Circulars from Singapore Customs on UEN


Circular 18/2008 - Data Conversion in Preparation for implementation of Unique Entity Number


Circular 17/2008 - Implementation of Unique Entity Number

Circular 21/2008 - Updates on Implementation of Unique Entity Number

Circular 25/2008 - UEN Implementation in TradeNet®

Circular 28/2008 - Activation of Customs Account 

Customised CR number to UEN mapping table

If you wish to obtain the corresponding UEN based on the CR number that you have in your database, please go to the UEN website at, click on "Resources Available", read the instructions under "Procedures to Request for UEN Conversion Data" then submit your request under "Request for Customised UEN Conversion Data". The system will notify you to download the output file once it is generated.

If you are an existing TradeNet® user, please contact your TradeNet® Frontend Software Vendor directly for assistance to convert your database of CR No to UEN so that you can use the UEN to submit your permit applications via TradeNet® when we cut over to UEN from Jan 2009.

More information -

We will be providing you with more information on how the change to UEN will affect your TradeNet® declarations as well as the procedures to update your contact details with Singapore Customs in the later part of this year.


Please check this webpage for any latest information for UEN matters related to Singapore Customs.  For the latest information on UEN, please refer to the uen website at


Last reviewed on 15 April 2014
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