Facilitating Trade by Building International Ties

Trade is the lifeblood of Singapore's economy. What we do at Singapore Customs assures the integrity of Singapore's external trading system.

Maintaining positive international relations is an integral element of what makes us tick. Business engagement, robust regulations, and effective enforcement all have to be supported by a strong undercurrent of good ties with our partners.

This issue's cover story gives a peek into how Singapore Customs works with members of the international community to stop transnational illicit trade.

We have also been meeting regional heads of customs administrations in Australia, ASEAN Directors-General in Vietnam, and hosting the Royal Malaysian Customs Department here at home. Find out more here.

In June, a Hong Kong-Singapore mutual recognition arrangement was signed, enabling faster customs clearance for Singapore exporters to Hong Kong. Click here to find out how exporters can benefit from this


Neo Wen Tong