Networked Trade Platform


The Networked Trade Platform (NTP) is a national trade information management platform that provides the foundation for Singapore to be the world's leading trade, supply chain and trade financing hub. At its core, it represents a concerted effort to drive an industry-wide digital transformation to build a trade and logistics IT ecosystem which connects businesses, community systems and platforms and government systems.


Replacing TradeNet for trade-related applications and TradeXchange for connecting the trade and logistics community, the NTP is designed to provide beyond the service offerings of the incumbent systems. Specifically, it aims to be a:


  • One-stop trade information management system linked to other platforms
  • Next-generation platform offering a wide range of trade-related services
  • Open innovation platform allowing development of insights & new services with cross-industry data
  • Document hub for digitisation at source that enables reuse of data to cut costs and streamline processes


The NTP in being rolled out in releases. To visit the NTP,  please click here.

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