Annexes and Appendices


No. Title Related Link
1. Annex A1 - Sample of Cargo Clearance Permit (CCP) PDF
2. Annex A2 - Sample of Amended Cargo Clearance Permit (CCP) PDF
3. Annex B - Fields Not Allowed For Electronic Amendment via TradeNet 4.1 PDF
4. Annex C - List of Reasons for Cancellation Codes PDF
5. Annex D - Competent Authorities' Requirements PDF
6. Annex E - Competent Authorities (CAs) Help Desk List PDF

Appendices - CAs' HS and Product Codes

No. Title Related Link
1. Appendix A - Items under Import control PDF
2. Appendix B - Items under Export control PDF
3. Appendix C - Items under Import & Export control PDF
4. Appendix D - Items under Import, Export & Transhipment control PDF