Singapore Food Agency (Livestock and Animal Products)

The Singapore Food Agency (SFA), Licensing and Permits Group, Food Trade Department, regulates the importation, exportation and transhipment of the following products:

  • Table shell eggs 
  • Livestock for human consumption (e.g., live poultry, pigs, sheep and goat, etc.)
  • Live turtles for human consumption
  • Food fish fry and food fish broodstock and 
  • Food animal products (e.g., animal feed for food animal, semen for reproduction of food animal, etc.)

When applying for the relevant permits and licences from SFA, please take note of the requirements below:

  • Importers of live pigs, live frogs, live poultry and hen eggs for consumption must be registered with the Licensing and Permits Group, Food Trade Department.
  • For the import, export and transhipment of these products, traders must apply for a SFA permit in advance. For import and transhipment of food animal products such as animal feed, a SFA permit is also required. 

TradeNet Declarations

When preparing for the Import, Export and Transhipment permit applications through TradeNet, please declare full information in the following fields:

  • Description of goods field: 
    • Common names of the goods
    • Scientific names of the goods
    • Brand names of the goods 
  • The product information:
    • CA/SC Product Code field (e.g., VCE0CE)
    • CA/SC Product Quantity field (e.g., 10000)
    • CA/SC Product Unit of Quantity field (e.g., CEN)
    • CA/SC Code 1 field (e.g., SFA-approved Establishment Code)

You may refer to the SFA website for more information on the import requirements, HS codes, and Product Codes List.