What You Need to Know about TradeNet

CrimsonLogic Pte Ltd is the appointed TradeNet administrator. It provides account and administrative services for TradeNet declaring agents and users.

How to be a TradeNet Declaring Agent?

To register, please refer to the Declaring Agent and Declarant Registration page for more information. 

You will need Internet access and the TradeNet front-end solution from any of the approved providers to submit applications via TradeNet.

How to be a TradeNet user?

You can register as a TradeNet user to access the following services:

  • Information and status of applications (e.g., new application/amendment/cancellation/refund) submitted via TradeNet
  • Permit listing service
  • Cargo clearance permit printout service

What you need to know when submitting applications via TradeNet

1)      Unique Reference Number

Each application submitted via TradeNet has a Unique Reference Number (URN) which is made up of 3 data elements: declarant entity identifier, date of creation and the sequence number.

Before the application is approved, you are required to quote the URN in all subsequent references to the application. If supporting documents are required by the relevant Competent Authorities (CAs), please quote the URN in all the documents in your submission. The CAs will also reference the URN in their replies to your application.

2)     Check Status of Application

You may check on the status of your application by:

  • Activating your TradeNet front-end solution to receive the status, or
  • Enquiring via the TradeNet back-end user interface

The status of your application may be one of the following:

  • Approved with a permit number
  • Pending processing by Singapore Customs or the relevant CA
  • Rejected with the following error codes:
Code Definition
DCS ERROR Rejected by TradeNet due to syntax errors
CA/SC REJECT Rejected by CA or Singapore Customs

If it is rejected, you will need to meet the requirements or make the necessary amendments before re-submitting the application.

View sample of Cargo Clearance Permit.

3)     What if you encounter problems when using TradeNet?

Please contact your TradeNet front-end solution provider if you encounter problems in using your TradeNet front-end solution. 

For technical problems, please contact the CrimsonLogic help desk on 6887 7888. You may need to provide the following information when reporting your problem:

  • Name and contact number  
  • Account and user ID
  • Entity name and identifier
  • Nature of problem
  • Unique Reference Number of application
  • Date of  application 
  • Type of application (message and declaration type)
  • Error/Status message received

4)     TradeNet Housekeeping Time

TradeNet is available every day except for Sundays from 4am to 8am for system maintenance.