Types of Export Permits

Message Type Declaration Type Code
OUT Direct (with or without Certificate of Origin)

  • Export locally manufactured goods or local Goods and Services Tax (GST)-paid goods
  • Re-export goods previously imported and stored in the first Free Trade Zone via a second Free Trade Zone
Approved Premises / Schemes

  • Moving dutiable goods from a licensed warehouse to a Free Trade Zone or foreign territory for export
  • Moving goods from a zero-GST warehouse to a Free Trade Zone or foreign territory for export
  • Export dutiable petroleum products
  • Supply of goods as ship stores and sea stores
Temporary Consignments

Export of Goods under Temporary Import Scheme (TIS)
  • For exhibition with sales or auctions
  • For other purposes
  • For repair
  • Re-imported goods  


Obtain a complete list of TradeNet permit declaration types.

All Customs permit applications must be submitted via TradeNet, accessible through:

You may:

Each permit application typically costs S$2.88. If you are engaging a declaring agent to assist you in declaring the permit, you may wish to check on the charges involved.

TradeNet Unavailability

In the event of TradeNet unavailability announced by Singapore Customs, exporters who are unable to obtain an approved permit should use a Letter of Undertaking for the clearance of their goods. The exporter will have to apply for a permit within 3 days from the date TradeNet is restored.

For export, transhipment or bringing in transit of strategic goods under Tier 1 of the Strategic Trade Scheme during TradeNet unavailability, exporters should use a Letter of Undertaking for strategic goods for clearance of their goods.

Further information

You may access Module 5 of the online e-Learning Guide to Customs’ Procedures for more information on ‘Important Permit Fields table’, ‘List of Message and Declaration Types for permit applications’ and ‘Types of Permit Applications’ via Resources > Module 5.

Declarants may also attend the course SC 111 – Hands-On TradeNet Declaration which provides participants with an overview on the various TradeNet messages and declaration types and a guided practical session on preparing and submitting a permit application via TradeNet.