Applying for Singapore Customs’ Assessment for Dutiable Motor Vehicles

For individuals or parallel importers

Once the vehicle has been purchased and shipped to Singapore, the importer may apply for an assessment of the vehicle’s customs value. An application has to be submitted for every imported unit of vehicle.

Please complete this form and submit it with the following documents, where applicable:

  • Commercial invoice
  • Bill of lading
  • Freight and insurance invoices
  • Bills/receipts relating to incidental charges incurred during shipment
  • Full manufacturer’s specification card (a listing of standard and optional equipment on the vehicle and unique for every vehicle)
  • Completion Inspection Certificate (CIC) Paper
  • Registration/De-registration documents from the country of exportation
  • Manufacturer’s letter confirming date of vehicle’s manufacture
  • Payment documents for the purchase (for example, telegraphic transfer slip)
  • Clear photos of the odometer (showing mileage), interior, exterior and engine/chassis number (for used vehicles)

Once the application is approved, an approval letter from Singapore Customs containing details of the vehicle, such as unit price and incoterms, will be sent to the importer.

For Authorised Agents

Authorised agents have a distributorship agreement signed with the owner of a brand of motor vehicle, which allows them to import and distribute that brand of motor vehicles in certain territories.

If you are a new authorised agent or an existing agent with queries on the import processes and procedures, you may contact us via or call 6355 2104/2106/2118.

Existing agents are required to submit Agent's Application for Product Code (SC-A-004) for new models or should there be changes to price, specifications, model code, model year, invoicing currency, incoterm, and assigned supplier of the vehicles they carry.

Please complete this form and submit it with the supporting documents listed in Section D.