Activate Customs Account

Declaring Entities and individuals carrying on business under their full name that intend to engage in import and/or export activities in Singapore, or appoint a Declaring Agent to apply for customs import, export and transhipment permits or certificates through TradeNet have to follow the procedures below:

A Declaring Entity refers to any importer, exporter, shipping agent, air cargo agent, freight forwarder, common carrier or other persons who wish to obtain a customs permit, licence, certificate or any other document or form of approval from Singapore Customs.

Only the Key Personnel (e.g. owner, partner or director) whose record is registered with ACRA or the relevant UEN Issuance Agency can activate your entity's Customs Account using his/her CorpPass or SingPass.

You will not have to pay fees for the one-time activation of Customs Account.

How to Activate a Customs Account

For Newly Registered Business Entities

Upon your entity's successful registration with ACRA, you may activate your entity's Customs Account from the same ACRA portal.

For Existing Business Entities or Non-Business Entities

The Key Personnel can log in to your entity's Customs Account using his/her CorpPass or SingPass to check the status of your entity's Customs Account. 'Key Personnel' refers to an individual whose particulars are registered with:

If your entity's Customs Account is not activated or terminated, the status of Customs Activation will be indicated as 'Not Active' and 'Terminated' respectively. If your entity's Customs Account is activated, the status of Customs Activation will be indicated as 'Approved'.

  • If your entity's Customs Account has not been activated, the entity's Key Personnel should submit the application to activate the Customs Account.

Upon successful activation of your entity's Customs Account, the Primary Contact will receive a fax or email notification of the Customs Account approval letter.

Trader Notification

You may sign up for the free Trader Notification service to receive an email or fax notification, informing you of the permit number and name of Declaring Agent, when a permit application (done using your entity's UEN) has been approved.

In addition, you may also consider registering as a TradeNet user to obtain your past permit applications' details for reconciliation purposes.

Update of Particulars and Printing of Approval letter

If there are any changes in the particulars of the Declaring Entity, please update the change in your entity's Customs Account within 7 days of the effective date of change. Such changes include, but are not limited to:

  • Change in ownership
  • Change in address
  • Change in contact details of primary contact, secondary contact and recipient of trader notification
  • Change in authorised personnel
  • Termination of business

You need not inform Singapore Customs of a change in your entity's name if it is still registered under the same UEN.

If there is a change in your entity's UEN, the Key Personnel or Authorised Personnel will need to log in to your entity's Customs Account using his/her CorpPass or SingPass to terminate your previous entity's Customs Account and activate the new entity's Customs Account.

The Key Personnel or Authorised Personnel authorised by the Key Personnel can also print a copy of the approval letter from your Customs Account.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Declaring Entities