Apply for Inter-Bank GIRO (IBG)

Application Procedure

Declaring Entities that wish to make payment of duties, taxes, fees, penalties and other charges on services offered by Singapore Customs from your bank account to Singapore Customs directly (instead of through their Declaring Agent), and all Declaring Agents must apply for an Inter-Bank GIRO (IBG) with Singapore Customs.

The bank account must be linked to your entity's Unique Entity Number and under one of the IBG participating banks listed in The Association of Banks in Singapore's website. 

To apply, mail the completed Application for Inter-Bank Giro form to Singapore Customs' address as indicated in the form.

The processing of the application usually takes three to four weeks.


When the IBG application is approved, the Primary Contact (or the Secondary Contact should transmission to Primary Contact fails) registered in your Customs Account will receive a fax or email notification.


If you have an existing IBG with Singapore Customs and wish to change the bank account used for your IBG, you are required to submit a new IBG application.


Authorise a Declaring Agent

You may authorise your Declaring Agent to use your IBG for the payment of duties and GST for your customs permits.

Learn more about authorising Declaring Agents.

When your customs permit application requiring duty and/or GST payment is approved, the payment mode will be denoted by the permit condition(s) for payment.

Checking your IBG Deduction Status

Your bank statement will reflect successful IBG deductions initiated by Singapore Customs. The format and type of information such as permit number reflected in the bank statement may differ for different banks.

You may also consider registering as a TradeNet user to obtain your past permit application details to reconcile the bank statement.

If your IBG deduction is unsuccessful, you will be informed by Singapore Customs on the follow-up actions required for payment.

Please ensure that you maintain sufficient funds in your bank account and update Singapore Customs on changes to your bank account, as a penalty may be imposed for failed IBG deductions.