Authorise a Declaring Agent

The day after the approval of your Inter-Bank GIRO (IBG) application or successful registration of your security with Singapore Customs, the Key Personnel of your entity whose particulars are registered with a Unique Entity Number (UEN) Issuance Agency such as Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority, Registry of Societies etc. or the Authorised Personnel of the entity may authorise your Declaring Agent to use your:

  • IBG for the payment of duties and Goods and Services Tax for your customs permit; and
  • Security for your permit applications.

You can authorise up to 20 Declaring Agents.

You can also add or remove any authorised Declaring Agent here whenever there are changes in your commercial arrangement with them, and when there are changes in you or your Declaring Agent's UEN.

You need not re-authorise your Declaring Agent(s) when you change the bank account used for your IBG or when you renew your security with Singapore Customs. You may approach your entity's Primary Contact (or the Secondary Contact should transmission to Primary Contact fails) registered in your Customs Account, to obtain the approval letter which contains the full list of Declaring Agent(s) who are authorised to use your entity's IBG and/or security as of the letter date.