Individual Permit: Export, Transhipment and Transit

A strategic goods permit (prefixed with either XO or XP) is required for the export, transhipment, or transit of strategic goods and related technology.

You do not need a strategic goods permit for the transhipment and transit of strategic goods not listed in the Fourth and Fifth Schedules to the Strategic Goods (Control) Regulations (SGCR) if you fulfil the following exemption criteria:

Activity Criteria for Permit Exemption


  • Goods are taken into free trade zone(s) [FTZ(s)] immediately after being brought into Singapore;
  • Goods remain in an FTZ at all times or in 2 or more FTZs except when being transferred, before they are brought out of Singapore; and
  • Goods remain in FTZ(s) for no more than
    • 45 days, if brought in by sea
    • 21 days, if brought in by air

Note: The transport mode by which the goods first enter Singapore will determine the applicable period to remain in the FTZ(s).


  • Goods remain in transit for no more than
    • 45 days, if brought in by sea
    • 21 days, if brought in by air

The authorities have the powers to ask for documents or notifications even if a strategic goods permit is not required.

Catch-all Provision

You will have to obtain an Individual Permit if you:

  • Have been notified by an authorised officer
  • Know; or have reasonable grounds to suspect that

the goods and technology are intended or likely to be used, wholly or in part, for or in connection with the:

  • Development;
  • Production;
  • Handling;
  • Operation;
  • Maintenance;
  • Storage;
  • Detection;
  • Identification; or
  • Dissemination
of any nuclear, chemical or biological weapon
  • Development;
  • Production;
  • Maintenance; or
  • Storage

of missiles capable of delivering any nuclear, chemical or biological weapons

The “catch-all” provision applies even if the goods are not strategic goods or strategic goods technology.

Application for Individual Permits

If you are transacting in strategic goods, you should apply for an Individual Permit at least 5 working days:

  • before loading the goods onto the conveyance to be brought out of Singapore for every export, re-export or transhipment; and
  • before the arrival of the conveyance on which the goods are to be brought in transit through Singapore  

Most applications will be processed within 5 working days, after we have received the completed application forms and supporting documents. However, processing time may vary depending on the nature of the items, destination or party involved in the transaction. You should submit your application in advance to avoid any shipment delay.

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