Singapore Duty-Paid Cigarette (SDPC) Mark

Since 1 Jan 2009, all individual sticks of cigarettes meant for sale and consumption in Singapore are required to bear the SDPC marking according to specifications in the Customs Regulations.

Marking Specification 

Application Procedure

Importers and manufacturers of cigarettes are required to obtain approval from Singapore Customs before importation or manufacture of new brands or variants of cigarettes meant for sale and consumption in Singapore.

Please complete the online application and upload the following supporting documents in the format below:

(a) Photographs of the cigarette sample against a ruler or measuring device; and 


(b) Specifications of SDPC marking on the cigarette samples.

 For SDPC marking  For vertical bars
 Distance from the cigarette end that is to be lighted: _____ mm  Distance from the letters "SDPC ": _____ mm
 Height of block letters: _____ mm  Height of vertical bars: _____ mm
 Typeface (Font type): _________  Thickness of vertical bars: _____ mm
 Colour of SDPC marking: _______  Space between each vertical bar: _____ mm
 Typeface (Font type): __________
Colour of vertical bars: __________

Singapore Customs will process your application within 7 working days upon complete submission of application and supporting documents. 

Contact Us

For queries on SDPC application procedures, email us at or contact our call centre at 6355 2000.

You may also refer to our media release and Notice No. 12/2019 for more information.