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Date Title
06 Aug 2012 Circular No: 11/2012
Pilot implementation of the China-Singapore Mutual Recognition Arrangement from 1 September 2012
Tags: Supply Chain Security
06 Jul 2012 Circular No: 09/2012
Reminder on value of goods declared for Goods and Services Tax (GST) purposes
Tags: Goods & Services Tax (GST)
07 Jun 2012 Circular No: 08/2012
New location code "MST" for Marina South Wharves
Tags: Import Procedures, Export Procedures
01 Jun 2012 Circular No: 07/2012
Reminder on advance permit declarations for imports from Iran
Tags: United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Sanctions
23 May 2012 Circular No: 06/2012
New location code "MBCC" for Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore
Tags: Import Procedures, Export Procedures
30 Mar 2012 Circular No: 05/2012
Revised container stuffing procedure
Tags: Export Procedures
23 Mar 2012 Circular No: 04/2012
Tiering of the licensed warehouse scheme
Tags: Schemes/Licences
20 Mar 2012 Circular No: 03/2012
Extension of temporary import period to 6 months
Tags: Import Procedures
12 Jan 2012 Circular No: 01/2012
Implementation of advance export declaration for all exports from 1 April 2013
Tags: Export Procedures
27 Dec 2011 Circular No: 26/2011
Imposition of excise duty on compressed natural gas (CNG) from 1 Jan 2012
Tags: Tariffs