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Date Title
26 Dec 1997 Circular No: 37/97
Application for Customs Inward Permit for Non-Dutiable Cargo Shut-Out or Returned from Overseas
Tags: Import Procedures
10 Dec 1997 Circular No: 36/97
Import of Goods Subject to GST
Tags: Goods & Services Tax (GST)
14 Nov 1997 Circular No: I&E Notice 17/97
Amendment And Cancellation Of Cargo Clearance Permits (CCPs) For Goods Controlled By TDB Through TradeNet®
Tags: Import Procedures, Export Procedures
08 Nov 1997 Circular No: 32/97
Implementation of Customs Valuation Code
31 Oct 1997 Circular No: 31/97
Electronic Amendment and Cancellation of Permits for Controlled Goods
Tags: Import Procedures, Export Procedures
27 Oct 1997 Circular No: 29/97
Clearance of Containers from Licensed and Bonded Warehouses for Export
Tags: Export Procedures
25 Oct 1997 Circular No: 28/97
Paperless Clearance of Containerised Cargo Master's Acknowledgment and Return of Permits Production of Bank-In Slips to Checkpoints
Tags: Import Procedures
22 Oct 1997 Circular No: I&E Notice 14/97
Prohibition Of Exports To Sierra Leone Under UNSC Resolution 1132 (1997)
Tags: United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Sanctions
26 Jun 1997 Circular No: 16/97
Simplification of Procedures on Application for Cancellation of Unused Customs Non-Payment Permits
Tags: Import Procedures
12 Jun 1997 Circular No: I&E Notice 5/97
Permit Requirement For Containers Captured Under HS Code 9892 00 26
Tags: Export Procedures