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Date Title
28 Sep 2015 Circular No: 13/2015
Advisory: Customs Supervision of Unstuffing of Containers
Tags: Advisory
04 Sep 2015 Circular No: 12/2015
Changes to the Strategic Goods Control List, Brokering Order, and Transhipment & Transit Controls
Tags: Advisory, Strategic/Controlled Goods
31 Aug 2015 Circular No: 11/2015
Advisory: Sharing of TradeNet User ID is Not Allowed
Tags: Advisory
28 Aug 2015 Circular No: 10/2015
Advisory: Combating Terrorism Financing and Proliferation Financing
Tags: Advisory
11 Aug 2015 Circular No: 09/2015
Allowable Activities at Offshore Marine Centre (OMC)
Tags: Import Procedures
08 Jun 2015 Circular No: 08/2015
New Permit Condition for Unstuffing of Dutiable Goods in LWs and Excise Factories
Tags: Schemes/Licences
16 Mar 2015 Circular No: 07/2015
Application for Customs Permit via TradeNet® for Importation of Ship Spares for Repair
Tags: Import Procedures
02 Mar 2015 Circular No: 06/2015
Implementation Of The Hong Kong-Singapore Mutual Recognition Arrangement
Tags: Supply Chain Security
27 Feb 2015 Circular No: 05/2015
Removal of Sampling Requirement for Importation of Denatured Ethyl Alcohol
Tags: Import Procedures
23 Feb 2015 Circular No: 04/2015
Notification of tariff changes
Tags: Tariffs