About the Campaign

Singapore Customs’ anti-contraband cigarettes campaign was first launched in 2009. Our latest campaign, "1 IS ALL IT TAKES", seeks to warn about the dangers of dealing with just one stick of illegal cigarette.

We hope to raise awareness on the dangers of being involved in contraband cigarette activities. We hope to inculcate a greater sense of civic responsibility and work hand in hand with the public in tackling the issue of contraband cigarettes.


Possessing duty-unpaid cigarettes is a crime punishable by law

Buying, selling, conveying, delivering, storing, keeping, having in possession or dealing with duty-unpaid goods are serious offences under the Customs Act and the Goods and Services Tax Act.

You can be fined up to 40 times the amount of duty evaded, or jailed for up to six years, or both.

The minimum court fines for first-time and repeat offenders of tobacco-related offences are $2,000 and $4,000 respectively.

Repeat offenders who are caught with more than two kilogrammes of tobacco products will also face mandatory imprisonment. Vehicles used in the commission of such offences are also liable to be forfeited.

Watch our "1 IS ALL IT TAKES" 30-second television commercials (English) (Chinese)