Traders' Satisfaction Survey and Pro-Enterprise Ranking Survey Results

As part of our drive for continual service improvement, Singapore Customs conducts surveys to measure our customers' satisfaction on their interactions with us. We have heard your feedback, and wish to thank all respondents for sharing their valuable feedback and suggestions.

We will continue to streamline our procedures and processes with the objective of making trade easy, fair and secure. If you have any further feedback and suggestions, we welcome you to email us at

Traders' Satisfaction Survey (TSS) 2017 Results

The 2017 Traders' Satisfaction Survey (TSS) was conducted from Nov 2017 to Mar 2018. It measures the level of our customers' satisfaction of the services, processes and schemes provided by Singapore Customs as well as their overall impression of Singapore Customs.

97.8% of you have given us a reassuring ‘Satisfied’ and 82.6% were 'Very Satisfied’. 


Percentage of respondents


Very Satisfied













Pro-Enterprise Ranking (PER) Survey 2017 Results

The PER Survey aims to measure and improve the effectiveness of current government initiatives to build a pro-enterprise regulatory environment in Singapore. It is commissioned by the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) and involved a total of 28 agencies.

Singapore Customs was ranked fourth out of the 28 government agencies in the 2017 PER Survey. The PER Survey measures five components and the scores for all five components are as follows:





Compliance Costs



68.9 (87.1)

Review of Rules & Regulations



71.2 (90)




75.4 (94.3)

Customer Responsiveness



74.5 (94.1)

Pro-enterprise Orientation



72.3 (91.3)

[*Note:* The lower scores were mainly due to a change in computation methodology in 2017 as compared to previous years. Applying the same methodology for past surveys on 2017 would result in the scores as indicated in brackets.]

Your Compliments

We are delighted to know that you are happy with our service and facilitation from the many compliments we have received from you. Thank you for the compliments, which spur us on to further improve our service to you.

“Singapore Customs has upgraded their website and information is clear and precise. The step-by-step guidance makes it easy to understand customs procedures and requirements.”

“Dialogues and outreach sessions allow us to voice out problems we may encounter and seek clarification for requirements we do not understand.”

“The revised TradeFIRST checklist is shorter and concise.”

“Singapore Customs encourages businesses to automate existing processes. This allows us to manage our resources more efficiently.”

“Online information are easy to access. Seminars are conducted regularly to inform us of the latest updates.”


We Heard You

We would like to thank all our survey respondents for your valuable feedback and suggestions. We have considered all the feedback submitted through the surveys and instituted changes after studying the results and feedback from the Traders' Satisfaction Survey and Pro-Enterprise Ranking Survey.

Singapore Customs will continue to be mindful of traders' feedback to streamline and simplify existing requirements and to enhance our processes to be responsive to businesses' needs and better serve the trading community.

Traders are encouraged to visit our website regularly to check on the latest updates and developments. You may also wish to use the recently launched "Ask Jamie" to assist you in your queries. A summary of our responses to some common feedback and suggestions we received is appended below.



We Heard You

Call Centre

Improve call waiting time

Singapore Customs regularly reviews our call centre resources and staffing to ensure optimal operations. We aim to answer most calls within a short period of time.

Traders are encouraged to refer to Customs website for more information and to use our online resources, such as "Ask Jamie" for assistance on your queries.

Procedures and Requirements

Simplify procedures and requirements

Singapore Customs will continue our efforts to simplify existing procedures and requirements.

Traders are encouraged to refer to our circulars for the latest procedures and requirements.

Digitalise submission of documents

With the launch of Networked Trade Platform (NTP), traders can expect to submit more documents digitally to Customs. Please keep a lookout for the latest NTP developments.

Detailed information on procedures and regulations

Singapore Customs has published guides and handbooks. For example, the E-learning Guide to Customs Procedures can be found at > Businesses > Resources.

Customs will continue to review our online resources regularly and strive to provide clear and ample information in our communications.


Clarity of criteria

With the launch of the revised TradeFIRST checklist in Jan 2017, Singapore Customs has published a Dictionary which provides explanation on each criterion and examples of evidence traders may choose to provide as evidence for their responses.

Traders may wish to refer to this Dictionary at > Businesses > Customs' Schemes, Licences & Framework  > TradeFIRST for clarity of criteria.

Email Replies

Improve response times to email enquiries

Singapore Customs seeks to continuously improve our service to our customers in accordance with our quality policy. We revised our service standard for replying emails from four to three working days to better serve our customers.


If we cannot fully answer your enquiry on time, especially due to the complexity of certain enquiries, we will give you an interim response to acknowledge your feedback to us.