Travellers’ Satisfaction Survey Results

The Travellers Satisfaction Survey is conducted periodically to measure travellers’ perceptions of customs services at the checkpoints, and to identify gaps between travellers’ expectations and actual levels of service experienced.

From the survey, Singapore Customs seeks to determine the specific service needs and expectations of travellers and suggestions for improvements.

We thank all respondents who had spent their valuable time to provide us with their feedback.

Table 1: Overall Performance at the Checkpoints (Travellers who are satisfied)

            Checkpoint            FY2014 FY2015
Overall 96.9% 91.8%
Changi Airport Terminal 1 98.6% 92.6%
Changi Airport Terminal 2 99.0% 92.0%
Changi Airport Terminal 3 92.5% 93.9%
Woodlands Checkpoint 95.6% 87.4%
Tuas Checkpoint 95.6% 88.7%
Singapore Cruise Centre 96.5% 88.8%
Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal 95.5% 92.0%
Marina Bay Cruise Centre 80.6% 91.2%

Table 2: Satisfaction with Service Attributes (Travellers who are satisfied)

Service Attribute FY2014 FY2015
Officer is professionally groomed             99.1%             94.9%
Officer is polite, proactive and demonstrates empathy 97.2% 92.2%
Officer is prompt in his service delivery            98.5% 90.7%
Officer is attentive, addresses my enquiries and values my feedback            97.9% 92.5%
Officer is clear, reliable and treated me fairly            98.3% 94.0%