More duty-free liquor options for travellers

Wine and beer lovers have reason to cheer with the changes to the duty-free allowance for liquor which took effect from 1 April 2010.

Travellers arriving in Singapore can now enjoy duty-free allowance on an additional litre of wine or beer (including stout, ale and porter) in lieu of their one litre allowance for spirits. Previously, travellers were only granted duty-free liquor concession on one litre each of wine, beer and spirits.

This change provides travellers with more options and flexibility on the duty-free concessions they can enjoy on the liquor brought in or purchased upon arrival in Singapore.

For those who prefer wine or beer to spirits, this means that they are able to enjoy duty-free allowance on more wine or beer if they choose not to utilise their allowance on spirits. The different options available to travellers are shown below.

The one litre duty-free allowance for spirits cannot be exchanged partially for wine and partially for beer. Similarly, travellers will not be allowed to transfer any partially unused allowance for spirits to wine or beer.

Answers to frequently asked questions on the revised duty-free allowance for liquor are available here.
Travellers who have liquor exceeding their duty-free allowance must declare them and pay duty and GST on the excess quantities. Payment can be made via the self-service Customs Tax Payment Kiosk at Changi Airport or at the Singapore Customs Tax office.

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