Securing the Movement of
Hazardous Chemicals

To better support Singapore's vital energy and chemicals industry and its Jurong Island hub, Singapore Customs facilitates the set-up of Jurong Island Terminal — an innovative terminal which enables the secured movement of hazardous chemicals between mainland Singapore and Jurong Island by sea.

Singapore Customs, working closely with a multi-agency team, authorises the movement of petrochemical products at the new Jurong Island Terminal (JIT). JIT is an innovative solution to the congestion and safety challenges posed by the expected increase in cargo traffic between the two islands.


Home to almost 100 global petroleum, petrochemical and specialty chemical companies, Jurong Island is the centrepiece of Singapore's leading integrated energy and chemicals hub. The island is a key contributor to Singapore's economy. As of 2011, it has drawn cumulative fixed asset investments of over S$30 billion and employs about 8,000 workers.

Prior to the construction of JIT, containerised petrochemicals were transported to and from the PSA terminals on mainland Singapore and Jurong Island via road. A single causeway links Jurong Island with
the mainland.

In the next few years, the number of chemical projects on Jurong Island is expected to increase to support the thriving energy and chemicals industry.

With more chemical projects, the volume of containerised petrochemicals being transported between the islands is expected to rise. This will worsen traffic congestion in and out of the single causeway linking Jurong Island with the mainland. In addition, as the roads run through residential and commercial areas, the security and safety of members of the public may be compromised.


Always a step ahead, the Singapore government recognised the potential challenges early on. A multi-agency team, which included Jurong Town Corporation, Singapore Customs, Ministry of Home Affairs, Singapore Police Force and the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority, was formed in late 2008 to overcome these limitations while ensuring trade and border security. The aim was to manage the road traffic situation without introducing additional layers to the current screening procedures.

The multi-agency team worked closely with the terminal's operator PSA to facilitate its smooth operations. JIT handled its first shipments of petrochemical-laden ISO tanks on 25 June 2012.

With JIT, petrochemical materials can now be transported from PSA terminals on the main island to Jurong Island via barges on the sea. The alternative sea route eases traffic congestion at the Jurong Island causeway.

Public safety is also enhanced with JIT, as the sea route enables the loads of hazardous petrochemicals to safely bypass residential and commercial areas on the main island.

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