Advancing Trade through Supply Chain Security

This issue's cover story focuses on the implementation of the Advance Export Declaration (AED) requirement, which we have been working closely with the industry on since 2010.

Advance information is necessary for Singapore Customs to conduct timely risk assessment, identify high-risk consignments for early inspection and prevent illicit cargo from being exported.

From a broader perspective, AED is crucial in strengthening supply chain security. A robust supply chain allows Singapore to be regarded by its key trading partners and global industry players as a secure and trusted trading hub. Trade remains the lifeblood of Singapore's economy.

Through our regular consultation with companies and associations, which began as early as 2010, we recognise that meeting the requirement can be challenging. Thus, Singapore Customs has built in an 18-month adjustment period, so that businesses can fine-tune their processes to transition into declaring all exports in advance, without incurring penalties for non-compliance.

Our second story shows how one exporter, Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific, is leveraging on Electronic Data Interface (EDI) to meet the requirement without affecting their customers or driving costs up. We hope this example will inspire other exporters to look into innovative methods to streamline operations to comply
with AED.

Tan Zi Jie