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SC100 Basics of Every Declarant

This three-day course provides trade declarants with an overview of customs procedures pertaining to the import and export of goods, the basic requirements for preparing TradeNet declarations, classification of goods, and the rules of origin.

The course comprises three modules:

  • SC101 Customs Procedures (2 days)
  • SC102 Classification and the Harmonised System (Half-day)
  • SC103 Rules of Origin / Free Trade Agreements (Half-day)

Participants may register for individual modules.


8 May 2013 (SC 102 and SC 103 only)

5 Jun 2013 (SC 102 and SC 103 only)

SC200 Strategic Goods Control Programme

This one-day seminar provides an overview of Singapore's strategic goods control system and its regulations, registration procedures and permit requirements for strategic goods transactions, as well as the essentials of an internal (export control) compliance programme.

The seminar comprises two modules:

  • SC201 Basics of Strategic Goods Control (Half-day)
  • SC202 Essentials of Internal (Export Control) Compliance Programme (Half-day)

Participants may register for individual modules.


20 Jun 2013

SC400 Customs Competency Test for Declarants

This module is designed to test an individual's knowledge of the customs procedures and documentation requirements. Upon passing this test, the individual can then apply for registration with SC as a declarant to submit TradeNet permit declarations.

The test will be an open-book exam comprising of 50 multiple choice questions. The topics tested include: customs procedures, TradeNet declarations, valuation, classification, Rules of Origin and specialised procedures. The one-hour test can be taken during the AM or PM session.

Individuals who wish to sit for the test are advised to familiarise themselves with above-listed subject areas. They can do so through courses or eLearning at Singapore Customs Academy, the Customs Virtual Academy and by visiting the Customs website.


26 Apr 2013
(AM and PM sessions)

Traders Clinics

These monthly one-on-one consultation sessions provide an avenue for traders to seek advice and provide feedback on general customs procedures and services.


24 & 25 Apr 2013

29 & 30 May 2013

11 & 12 Jun 2013

Outreach Programme for Newly-Registered Traders

This quarterly programme is designed to equip new traders with a better understanding of customs documentation procedures, as well as the various customs schemes and services available. For enquiries, please call 6355 2000 or email

  28 Jun 2013

Outreach Programme for Newly-Registered Manufacturers

This bimonthly programme is designed to equip newly-registered manufacturers with a better understanding of the rules of origin under Singapore's free trade agreements, the application procedures for certificates of origin, and the compliance requirements. For enquiries, please email


10 Jun 2013


Please note that dates are subject to change. For full programme and registration details, visit
Singapore Customs Academy website
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