Nab that Illegal Cigarette Peddler!

As part of its ongoing efforts to combat contraband cigarettes, Singapore Customs held a series of community road shows in the heartlands in March and April this year.

Handcuff that peddler! Members of the public "arresting" suspects involved in illegal cigarette activities at the Beo Crescent Market road show.

The 1 IS ALL IT TAKES road show made its debut at the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) College Central on 30 and 31 January. In the months of March and April, seven other road shows were held at residential areas and schools around Singapore. They attracted many students and members of the public who participated actively in the games, which help to convey the message that it only takes one illegal cigarette for one to be marked a criminal.

Some tried their hands at spotting images of duty-unpaid cigarettes among legal ones in under 30 seconds. Others raced against one another to put together jigsaw-puzzle pieces to form the 1 IS ALL IT TAKES campaign posters.

One game even got participants to "arrest" offenders involved in buying or selling contraband cigarettes by throwing "handcuff" loops over die-cut images of the offenders.

Through these simple but engaging games, participants learnt how to spot illegal cigarette activities and take action by reporting them to Singapore Customs.

Road show participants also walked away with exclusive campaign goodies such as mugs and tote bags – that sport reminders to steer clear of illegal cigarettes and the Singapore Customs hotline number for tip-offs. Singapore Customs Community Engagement officers were present to interact with members of the public and spread the message.

Singapore Customs aims to encourage greater civic responsibility in the fight against illegal cigarettes through these road shows, which are part of the 1 IS ALL IT TAKES public outreach campaign.

The first road show at ITE College Central on 30 and 31 January attracted many student participants.

The road show at Jurong Point reached out to foreign workers and citizens.

Visit to learn more about the dangers of dealing with illegal cigarettes.
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