Budget Day Inspection

It was announced in Budget 2013 that the tax rates of non-cigarette tobacco products would be increased, to harmonise the rates with that of cigarettes.

On the afternoon of Budget Day on 25 February, about 100 Singapore Customs officers were mobilised to conduct inspections on goods affected by the change and ensure that the correct amount of duties and Goods and Services Tax (GST) was applied to them.

The excise duties for Beedies, Ang Hoon and smokeless tobacco were increased by 25%, from $239 per kilogramme to $299 per kilogramme. For unmanufactured tobacco, the excise duties were increased by 1.5%, from $347 per kilogramme to $352 per kilogramme.


Officers verified the stock balance of affected non-cigarette tobacco goods such as loose tobacco leaves or Ang Hoon (left), and Beedies, a type of Indian cigarettes (right), held in the licensed warehouses against Singapore Customs' records.

The checks ensured that duty-paid non-cigarette tobacco goods were accounted for and have been removed from the licensed area of the licensed warehouses. If the affected goods are still stored in the licensed areas, the revised duty rates will be applied to these goods.

A Licensed Warehouse is a designated area approved and licensed by Singapore Customs for storing imported dutiable goods, namely liquors, tobacco products, motor vehicles and petroleum, with the duty and GST payable suspended.


About 100 Singapore Customs officers went to 27 selected licensed warehouses to conduct checks. In total, 200 officers were on alert on Budget Day, ready to be deployed for inspection.

For full details on the tariff changes, refer to Circular 02/2013 on the Singapore Customs website. To find out more about this year's Budget, visit www.singaporebudget.gov.sg
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