New STP Companies on Board
Three companies joined the Secure Trade Partnership (STP) scheme in the last quarter of 2014. STP is a voluntary certification programme that encourages companies to adopt robust security measures and contribute to improving the security of the global supply chain.

STP-Plus Status

deugro (Singapore) Pte Ltd
The deugro Group is a highly specialised forwarder in the capital project and heavy lift field, with a proven track record in turnkey logistics solutions and large-scale projects. Founded in 1924 in Frankfurt, Germany, deugro is a third-generation family-owned enterprise with 70 company-owned offices in over 35 countries.

"The STP-Plus certification for our Singapore office has provided us opportunities to further strengthen the quality, health, safety, environment, and security (QHSES) culture within our company. Working closely with Singapore Customs for the certification has been exceptionally beneficial and has expanded our knowledge in security compliance for the global supply chain. The certification contributed valuable insights in improving our existing systems and has enabled us to provide better and faster responses to the dynamic needs of the logistics industry," said Ms Prudence Lubo, Corporate QHSES Manager.

STP Status

Morrison Express Logistics Pte Ltd
Morrison Express is an international logistics company with a core business in freight forwarding. The company's network spans three main continents – Asia, Europe and North America – with more than 80 offices worldwide.

"Morrison Express Logistics Pte Ltd takes a serious and concerted approach towards security and trade compliance, especially since our niche market is in the electronics and semi-conductor industries. It can be disastrous if the products that we handle fall into the wrong hands. Therefore, STP attainment and maintenance is definitely a step forward for us and our customers for total security," said Mr Bob Chng, Senior Operations Manager.

Mitsui Elastomers Singapore Pte Ltd
Mitsui Elastomers Singapore Pte Ltd is part of the Mitsui Chemicals Group, which is among the top chemical manufacturers in the world. The company manufactures and exports elastomer resins worldwide.

"As a responsible manufacturer and exporter, we are always committed to building a reliable and secure supply chain. Through this programme, we have a chance to re-evaluate our entire supply chain and further enhance it to meet international standards, giving our customers more assurance in our products," said Ms Alicia Tee, Assistant Logistics Manager.

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