Our Commitment to Quality Service

Your Satisfaction, Our Pride

We are committed to provide excellent service as outlined in our Service Charter, and our pride resides in our customers’ satisfaction.

The service we provide will be:
We seek to understand your needs and serve you promptly.
We are attentive and polite when we serve you.
We are steadfast in upholding our laws and open and transparent in enforcing them.
We serve with equity, honesty and impartiality.

Our Service Standards

Emails and letters

Our response time depends on the nature and complexity of the enquiry or feedback. We generally reply to straightforward enquiries and feedback within 3 working days, but may take longer for more complex issues. If your feedback or request requires further study, we will inform you that more time is needed.


Process TradeNet Declarations (and Amendments)

  • 99% within 10 minutes

Process Warehouse Licence and Zero-GST Warehouse (Type I) Licence Applications 

  • Within 7 working days

Issue Customs Duty/Goods and Services Tax (GST) Refund    

  • Within 5 working days (if supporting documents are not required)
  • Within 12 working days (upon receipt of all supporting documents)

Process Certificates of Origin Online Applications

  • Certificates of Origin for goods of Singapore origin applications within 2 hours
  • Back-to-back Certificates of Origin applications within 2 working days

Issue Import Certificates and Delivery Verifications

  • 100% within 2 working days upon receipt of complete application with all the relevant supporting documents

Issue Customs Rulings    

  • Within 30 days upon receipt of full supporting documents

^Footnote: The ICDV application procedure has been changed from manual submission and collection at Customs office to electronic application via the Networked Trade Platform (NTP) with effect from  20 June  2018.  With the change in procedure, traders enjoy time savings in terms of traveling time for making the trip to Customs office, going to SingPost to make payment for the fee, and waiting at Customs office for their applications to be processed as what happened in the past.  Traders could now enjoy the convenience of submitting the ICDV application electronically from their office or anywhere and receiving the approval electronically from Customs via the NTP. As such, the service standard has been revised to adapt to the new electronic application procedure.



Endorse Tourist GST Refund Claim Forms*

  • 95% within 10 minutes

Process Assessment and Collection of Duty/GST from Travellers/Crew Members*

  • 95% within 8 minutes

Endorse Export Permits under the Hand-Carried Exports Scheme*

  • 95% within 15 minutes

* On weekends and public holidays, the processing time may be a little longer. You are advised to come to the Singapore Customs counter early.

Delighting Our Customers

Singapore Customs is committed to provide our customers with prompt and professional service.

Through active engagement with our customers and benchmarking our services to best practices, we strive to delight them. We conduct surveys regularly to gather our customers’ feedback and to measure their satisfaction with our services so that we can serve them even better.