Advanced Notification on Transfer of Schedule 1 Chemicals

Licensees that intend to import, export, or locally transfer any Schedule 1 chemical must give notification to NA(CWC) before and after the transfer has been completed.

Timeline for submission:

Type of Transfer

Purpose of transfer

Deadline for submission

Import / Export

Schedule 1 - Transfer for medical or diagnostic purposes involving Saxitoxin with quantity not exceeding 5mg

5 days before intended transfer

Import / Export

Schedule 1 - Transfer for other permitted purposes

45 days before intended transfer

Local Transfer / Distribution

Schedule 1 - Transfer for permitted purposes

14 days before intended transfer

Submission of Advance Notification

1)   Download the application forms.

2)   Submit the application forms with supporting documents by:

  • Email:
  • Mail: Singapore Customs
    National Authority (Chemical Weapons Convention)
    55 Newton Road #06-02
    Revenue House
    Singapore 307987