Approved Import GST Suspension Scheme

What is it?

The Approved Import GST Suspension Scheme (AISS) is administered by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS).

This scheme is designed to alleviate the cash flow of businesses in the aerospace industry including international airlines, companies in the maintenance, repair and overhaul industry, original equipment manufacturers and distributors of qualifying aircraft parts.

This scheme will allow approved Goods and Services Tax (GST)-registered businesses in the aerospace industry to:

  • Import goods into Singapore with GST suspended; and
  • Remove qualifying aircraft parts from the Airport Logistics Park of Singapore (ALPS) or other Free Trade Zones with GST suspended.

Customs Permit Requirements

For approved AISS traders, a Customs In-Non Payment (Approved Premises Scheme) permit must be declared before removing the goods from the Free Trade Zone/entry point or the zero-GST warehouse. The place of receipt code should be declared as “AISS”.

Read more about how to apply for import permits and permit declaration for the AISS.