Permit Amendment and Cancellation

Permit Amendment

You may amend an approved permit via TradeNet if it is within the permit’s validity period. There is no limit to the number of times a permit can be amended. Do note that not all fields are amendable. Please click here for the non-exhaustive list of non-amendable fields.

Once the amendments have been made, the most updated approved copy of the permit must be produced to the checkpoint officers for verification at the time of cargo clearance, if required in the permit conditions. Please refer to the sample of an amended Cargo Clearance Permit.

Permit Cancellation

Please cancel the permit within the permit validity period and apply for a new one if you have provided inaccurate details which cannot be amended. You are not allowed to use export permits that have been cancelled to export goods. 

You may have to cancel certain permits (e.g. Out-Approved Premises/Schemes permits) or extend their validity periods if you do not utilise them. Please refer to the requirements stated in the permit conditions.

You are not allowed to cancel an export permit if:

  • It has been used for cargo clearance;
  • It has expired for more than a calendar day;
  • It has been requested by the Manifest Compliance Unit of Singapore Customs for audit purposes; or
  • It is declared with a Certificate of Origin

For such cases, please submit a voluntary disclosure to Singapore Customs.