Permit Validity and Error Messages

Permit Validity

The validity periods for the different types of transhipment permits are shown below:

Transhipment Permit Validity
In-Non-Payment Permit for Non-Through Bill of Lading or Airway Bill Approval date + 9 working days
Transhipment Permit for Through Bill of Lading or Airway Bill Approval date + 21 working days

Note: If the goods are not removed within the stipulated period, the permit validity may be extended via TradeNet before the expiry of the permit.

Error Messages

Permit declarations submitted incorrectly will be followed by these error messages:

Code Definition
DCS ERROR Rejected by TradeNet Administrator for syntax errors
CA/SC REJECT Rejected by Competent Authorities (CA) or Singapore Customs

You will need to re-submit the declaration after correcting the errors or omissions. The re-submission is considered a fresh declaration with a new unique reference number.