Types of Transhipment/Movement Permits

A transhipment permit is required to account for the following transhipment movements:

  • For goods (all types) that are transhipped from one Free Trade Zone (FTZ) to another FTZ, a Transhipment (Through Transhipment with Inter-Gateway Movement (TTI)) permit is required.
  • For controlled goods transhipped within the same FTZ, a Transhipment (Through Transhipment within the same FTZ (TTF)) permit is required.
  • For Class II/Dangerous Goods, which are to be transported to an approved Class II yard for storage (subject to the relevant Competent Authorities' approval), a Customs Transhipment (TTI) permit is required. The valid licence number for the Class II Yard is to be declared in the "Place of Storage" field. The same Customs Transhipment (TTI) permit can be used to cover the transportation of the goods from the approved Class II yard to the same FTZ or another FTZ.
Message Type Declaration Type Code


Through Transhipment Within Same FTZ

For the transhipment of controlled goods covered by a Through Bill of Lading or Airway Bill, where the goods previously brought into FTZ from foreign territory are to be transhipped within the same FTZ.

This declaration type should be used for goods-in-transit as well.


Through Transhipment With Inter-Gateway Movement

For the transhipment of goods covered by a Through Bill of Lading or Airway Bill, where the goods previously brought into FTZ from foreign territory are to be transhipped through another FTZ.


 Inter-Gateway Movement

For inter-gateway movement of goods from one FTZ to another FTZ (including the following scenarios):

  • Goods previously covered by an In-Non-Payment (Storage in FTZ) permit and subsequently removed from one FTZ to another FTZ;
  • Consolidated Less-than-Container-Load (LCL) container stuffed with local and transhipment cargoes from one FTZ to another for unstuffing (not applicable to controlled and dangerous goods cargo); or
  • Consolidated goods under the Bonded Truck Scheme.

Please note that this declaration types does not cover the inward or outward movement of the goods from Singapore.



Movement of goods from:

  • Licensed warehouse to another licensed warehouse or 
  • Zero-GST warehouse to another Zero-GST warehouse; or
  • movement of goods under the Temporary Import Scheme into a licensed warehouse or Zero-GST warehouse.

Blanket Removal

For declarations used to cover several movements within the month between licensed premises.


A permit is not required for the transhipment of non-controlled and non-dutiable goods within the same FTZ.

You may refer to the complete list of permit declaration types for more information.

Further information

You may access Module 5 of the online Guide to Customs' Procedures for more information on Important Permit Fields table, List of Message, and Declaration Types for permit applications and Types of Permit Applications Under Resources.

Declarants may also attend the SC 111 Hands-On TradeNet Declaration course which provides participants with an overview on the various TradeNet messages and declaration types and a guided practical session on preparing and submitting a permit application via to learn more about preparing and submitting permit applications through TradeNet.