Types of Transhipment Permits

Message Type Declaration Type Code


Through Transhipment Within Same FTZ

For through transhipment of goods covered with Through Bill of Lading or Airway Bill previously brought into Free Trade Zone (FTZ) from foreign territory for temporary storage, pending transhipment via the same FTZ. 

Goods-in-transit are covered under this Declaration Type.


Through Transhipment With Inter-Gateway Movement

For through transhipment of goods covered with Through Bill of Lading or Airway Bill previously brought into FTZ from foreign territory and subsequently transhipped via a second FTZ.



Movement of goods from licensed warehouse to another licensed warehouse or movement of goods from Temporary Import Scheme into a licensed warehouse or Zero-GST warehouse.


Blanket Removal

For declarations used to cover several movements within the month between licensed premises.



Import for re-export

For the transhipment of the entire import consignment covered with non-through bill of lading or airway bill, via the same or different FTZ (not applicable to goods subject to export control by Competent Authorities).


All Customs permit applications must be submitted via:

Each permit typically costs S$2.88 and is free via the Government Front-End module. However, additional service fees may be imposed by the local freight agent for rendering services to assist you in declaring the permit. 

To be a transhipment agent, your registered business with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) must be a shipping agent, air cargo agent or freight forwarder. You must also be a registered declaring agent with Singapore Customs.

For transhipment goods involving inter-gateway movement, customs clearance and endorsement are required. The common condition stated in such permits is:


Goods released from the 1st customs checkpoint must be produced at the 2nd checkpoint within 24 hours. Otherwise, they must be stored at a place approved by a proper officer of customs.

TradeNet Unavailability

In the event of TradeNet unavailability announced by Customs, traders who are unable to obtain an approved permit should use a Letter of Undertaking for clearance of their goods. The trader will have to apply for a permit within 3 days from the date TradeNet is restored.

For export, transhipment or bringing in transit of strategic goods under Tier 1 of the Strategic Trade Scheme during TradeNet unavailability, traders should use a Letter of Undertaking for strategic goods for clearance of their goods.