Three-Quarter Tank Rule

If you are departing from Singapore in a Singapore-registered motor vehicle, the vehicle’s motor fuel supply tank must be at least three-quarter tank full.

The three-quarter tank rule is currently applied to vehicles running on petrol and/or compressed natural gas (CNG). For hybrid vehicles running on petrol and CNG, drivers should ensure that both the petrol and CNG fuel tanks are at least three-quarter full.

Drivers who do not meet the rule may be prosecuted in Court and fined up to S$500. Drivers are also required to turn back to Singapore to fill the vehicle’s fuel supply tank to at least three-quarter full before the vehicle is allowed to depart Singapore.

If the vehicle’s fuel gauge is tampered, the driver may be charged in court for illegal alteration of the fuel measuring equipment. More information on customs offences is available here

Please note that the three-quarter tank rule will be expanded to include Singapore-registered motor vehicles, including buses and cargo vehicles, that ran on diesel. Sufficient notice will be provided to motorists and transport companies on the implementation date so that they can make the necessary adjustments.