Home-Brewed Beer & Other Fermented Liquors

An individual does not require a licence to home-brew beer and other fermented liquors if the following conditions, as specified in the Customs (Home-Brewing of Fermented Liquors) (Exemption) Order, are fulfilled:

  • The individual shall be 18 years old and above
  • The manufacture of liquor shall be by fermentation and not by distillation
  • The amount of liquor manufactured shall not exceed –
    (i) in relation to beer*, 30 litres per household of the person per month
    (ii) in relation to any other fermented liquor#, 30 litres in total of all such liquors per household of the person per month 
  • The liquor manufactured shall be for personal use and is not for sale
  • The manufacturing activities shall not create a nuisance to the public or degrade the environment
  • The home-brewing shall be carried out at the home of the individual, and it could be a HDB flat or private property

* The term beer includes beer, ale, stout, porter, shandy and all other fermented liquors made from malt, cider and perry.
# The term fermented liquors include wine, samsu etc manufactured by fermentation and not by distillation. 

Please note a manufacturing licence is required for commercial operations. You may be prosecuted for offences under Sections 63(1) and 64(1) of the Customs Act if you do not comply with the above conditions.