Permit Amendments and Cancellation

Amendment Procedures

You may make amendments to your approved Customs permit via TradeNet if it is still within the permit’s validity period. While there is no limit to the number of times the permit can be amended, do note that not all fields are amendable.

View sample of amended cargo clearance permit.
View fields not allowed for electronic amendment via TradeNet.

After amendment, the latest approved copy of the permit must be produced to the checkpoint officers for verification at the time of cargo clearance.

Cancellation Procedures

You must cancel an approved Customs permit within the permit’s validity period if there is incorrect information in the permit that cannot be amended. A fresh declaration should be submitted with the correct data.

In addition, certain import permits must be cancelled or re-validated if they are unused (for example, In-Non Payment Permit for Approved Premises/Schemes). A common condition stated in such permits is:

A6 If the permit is not used, it must be cancelled or re-validated not later than 24 hours of its expiry.

However, an approved permit is not allowed for cancellation if:

  • It has been utilised for cargo clearance;
  • It has expired for more than 1 calendar day;
  • It is an In-Payment permit with duty or tax amount being paid;
  • It has been returned to the Singapore Customs Manifests Unit; or
  • It is an OUT permit declared together with a Certificate of Origin.

When submitting the cancellation request via TradeNet, you are required to specify the reason for cancellation from the table below:

Code Description
C01 Cargo off-loaded/short-landed/over-landed
C02 Change of shipment
C03 Double declaration
C04 Field cannot be amended
C05 Incorrect Harmonized System (HS) code/goods description
C06 Incorrect licence number
C07 Incorrect quantity/value
C08 Incorrect type of permit
C09 Permit validity expired
C10 Unused Cargo Clearance Permit
C11 Vessel under repair
C12 Wrong Banker’s Guarantee indicator
C13 Wrong lot number/licensed warehouse number