Import Certificate and Delivery Verification (ICDV)

You can apply for an Import Certificate (IC) if:

  • You are importing goods into Singapore which are subject to the exporting country’s export control, or
  • The exporting country requires an IC.

Download the ICDV application form.

Completing an IC Application

  • Fill in these details:
    • Applicant's full name, address, telephone/fax number and email address
    • Unique Entity No. (UEN)
    • Exporter's name and address
    • End-user's name and address
    • 8-digit HS Code
  • Indicate whether the goods are for use in Singapore or for re-export. If the goods are for re-export, state the country where the goods will be re-exported to.
  • A maximum of 10 items can be filled in each IC application. Please use another application sheet if you have more than 5 items on one sheet.
  • Description of goods refers to the exact name of the items. The description must match the particulars in the end user's and foreign exporter's declarations, including brand, model number and technical specifications.
  • For each item, state the quantity to be imported and its unit of measurement (for example, 12 tonnes, 5 pieces).
  • For each item, state the Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) value in Singapore dollars.
  • Sign off the application by an authorised person in the company, indicating the full name and designation.

Getting Started

  • Before making an ICDV application, you should:
    • Activate Customs Account; and
    • Apply for Inter-Bank Giro (IBG)

Submission of and Payment for an ICDV Application

Please submit your completed application and supporting documents via NTP.

If the documents are in order, we will deduct the processing fee via IBG.

A S$10 processing fee is payable for each IC application.

Please note that each application will typically be processed within 2 working days upon receipt of the completed application with all relevant supporting documents, and payment of processing fee.

Supporting Documents

The supporting documents for your IC application include:

  • An Exporter’s Declaration (DOC) that an IC is required
  • An End-User’s Declaration (DOC) that the goods to be imported are for the end user’s own use, if the end-user is a local party
  • An End-User Statement (DOC), if the end-user is a foreign party
  • If you are re-exporting the goods from Singapore, an export licence (and its English translation) from the exporting country, or a confirmation from the exporting country that they do not control the re-export of the goods
  • Technical specifications of the goods to be imported (for example, operating instructions, manuals, brochures, data sheets, catalogues)
  • Other relevant supporting documents

Approval of IC

Once the application is approved, we will upload the endorsed copy of the ICDV via NTP. You should keep a copy for your own records and forward one copy to your exporter in the exporting country.

An approved ICDV is valid for one year. Goods under the IC should be imported into Singapore within that period.

Extending an IC

If you wish to extend the validity by another year, you may apply via NTP for an extension at least 14 days before the IC expires.

Conditions of Import

Under an approved IC, you must not:

  • Import the goods or cause or allow them to be imported into any country besides Singapore;
  • Dispose the goods before they are imported into Singapore; or
  • Export the goods or cause or allow them to be exported from Singapore after they have been imported into Singapore, except with Customs’ written approval.

Applying for a Permit to Import Goods under an IC

After receiving the approved IC, you should apply for an import permit via TradeNet before the goods arrive in Singapore.

Do note the following:

  • State the ICDV number (for example, ICDV/010/2015) in the CA/SC Product Code field for each permit item.
  • You may import goods under different ICs using a single import permit. Declare the respective ICDV numbers for each item in the permit application.
  • Do not combine ICDV items with non-ICDV items in the same permit application.
  • For the CA/SC Product Quantity-UOM field, declare the quantity and unit as stated in your IC.
  • Once the permit application is submitted, email a copy of your IC, bill of lading, invoice and packing list immediately to Indicate the unique reference number of your permit application on the front page of the supporting documents.

Re-exporting Goods from Singapore

You should obtain approval from Singapore Customs before re-exporting goods that have been imported into Singapore under an IC.

If you had indicated in your IC application that the goods are for re-export, you may re-export the goods after obtaining an export permit. The application procedure for an export permit is the same as that for an import permit.

If you did not indicate in your IC application that the goods are for re-export, you should obtain Customs’ approval with these documents before you apply for an export permit:

  • An End User Statement (DOC) from the foreign end-user.
  • An export licence (and its English translation) from the foreign exporting country, or a confirmation from the exporting country that they do not control the re-export of the goods.


  • You should obtain a strategic goods permit if you are re-exporting strategic goods. Read about strategic goods permit requirements
  • If goods imported under the IC remain in the Free Trade Zone while pending re-export, you should still obtain both import and export permits.

Notifying Changes and Transferring Ownership

You should notify us in writing immediately on any change in information for your IC.

If you are selling or transferring the imported goods to another person, please complete this Transfer of Ownership Form and submit it at least 14 days before the sale or transfer.

The new owner of the goods should also submit a declaration that the goods are for their use only.

Cancelling your IC

If you decide not to import the goods after obtaining the IC, you should notify us via email for cancellation at least 14 days before it expires. Please also provide an exporter's declaration to confirm the goods have not been exported to Singapore.


Goods imported into Singapore under an IC are subject to inspection.

It is an offence to breach any IC condition, or provide false or misleading information. Offenders may face a fine of up to S$100,000 or 3 times the value of the goods (whichever is greater); or imprisonment of up to 2 years; or both. Heavier penalties apply for subsequent offences.