Preliminary Advice for Strategic Goods Transaction

Before you decide whether your business should undertake any activities involving the controlled transfer of strategic goods, you may apply to seek preliminary advice from Singapore Customs. We will assess whether the controlled transfer of your strategic goods is likely to be approved when you submit your strategic goods permit application.

Applying for Preliminary Advice

Step 1: Complete the application form.

Step 2: Attach the supporting documents, where applicable:

  • Technical specifications of the strategic goods (for example, operating instructions, manuals, brochures, data sheets, catalogues)
  • Business transaction documents (for example, contract, purchase order, invoice, tender requirements)
  • End-User Statement
  • Export licence (and its English translation) from the originating country, or a confirmation from the originating country that they do not control the re-export of the goods
  • Company profiles/websites of relevant parties (exporter, consignee, end-user)
  • Other relevant supporting documents

Step 3: Submit the completed form and supporting documents.

Your application should be processed within 7 working days if the information and documents provided are complete. However, some applications may take longer to process, depending on the nature of the item, destination or parties involved in the transaction.