Permit Validity and Error Messages

Permit Validity

The validity period of an import permit is determined based on factors such as the type of goods involved, purpose of import, and place of release and receipt.

Generally, the validity period for the different types of import permits are as follows:

Import Permit (Message Type) Validity Period
  • Approval date + 9 working days
  • For declaration type (Blanket - BKT): approval date declared blanket start date to until the end of the same calendar month
  • Approval date + 9 working days
  • Approval date + 1 working day if items are dutiable and released from Customs licensed premises

*Note: The above information serves as a guide only. Always refer to the specific validity period for each permit.

Error Messages

If a permit application is incomplete or erroneous, you will be prompted with an error code, "DCS Error" generated via TradeNet.

For permit applications that do not meet Singapore Customs’ or other Competent Authorities’ requirements, you will receive a rejection message via TradeNet with the code, "CA/SC Reject".

You should re-submit a new import permit application after rectifying the errors or omissions. A new Unique Reference Number (URN) will be provided for the re-submitted permit application.