Singapore Customs is the National Authority (NA) for the implementation of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC).

If you wish to produce, process, consume, store, import, export, transfer or distribute chemicals controlled under the Chemical Weapons (Prohibition) Act (CWPA), you would need to:

  • Obtain the CWC licence from the NA(CWC)
  • Meet regulatory and declaration requirements under the CWPA

Singapore Customs takes a serious view of the offences under the CWPA and will not hesitate to take enforcement action. You are reminded to exercise due diligence if you are involved in activities relating to controlled chemicals in or outside of Singapore. You should check for updates on CWC licensing matters regularly.

Best Practices

You are accountable as a trader or declaring agent dealing with controlled chemicals. You are encouraged to observe the following Dos and Don’ts to improve your compliance with regulatory requirements: