Apex Licence

What is it?

The Apex Licence is a premium licence designed for existing Singapore Customs licensees holding multiple licences to support their diverse warehouse operations.

It allows approved companies to hold a single licence and pay a single licence fee. For example, an Apex Licence will cover both the storage of non-dutiable goods under the Zero-GST Warehouse Scheme and dutiable goods under the Licensed Warehouse Scheme.

Companies holding an Apex Licence will enjoy savings in licence fees, simplified documentation requirements as well as greater flexibility in their business operations.

How to Qualify?

To qualify for the Apex Licence, the company must:

  • Hold more than one existing licence with Singapore Customs
  • Have good compliance records with Singapore Customs
  • Operate a robust computerised inventory system which is able to track and account for the inventory status and movement of all goods across multiple locations
  • Undergo TradeFIRST assessment and attain the Premium band

Licence Fee

The Apex Licence fee is pegged to the highest licence fee of any individual licence the company holds with Singapore Customs.

For example, if a company is paying $4,000 for the Licensed Warehouse licence and $2,500 for the Zero-GST Warehouse licence, the fee for the Apex Licence would be $4,000.

How to Apply?

Please approach your designated account manager if you are interested in applying for an Apex Licence.

For further assistance, please call 6251 3027 or email customs_schemes@customs.gov.sg.