Singapore shares the concern of the international community on the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and recognises the need for safeguards against the illicit movement of items through its ports that can contribute to such proliferation.

As a responsible trading nation, Singapore implemented the Strategic Goods (Control) Act or SGCA on 1 January 2003 to regulate the trade in strategic goods and strategic goods technology.

Strategic goods refer to items and their related technology that can be used to produce weapons of mass destruction, and missiles capable of delivering such weapons. This includes arms and military equipment, and commercial items that can be used to develop weapons of mass destruction.

Singapore Customs is the National Authority to administer the SGCA. The functions carried out by Singapore Customs include:

  • Processing of strategic goods permit applications
  • Registering and auditing of arms brokers
  • Conducting industry outreach and public awareness programmes
  • Enforcing the SGCA and its regulations
  • Serving as the focal point for local and international enquiries

Singapore Customs also coordinates closely with other government agencies such as the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority and Singapore Police Force to enforce the SGCA.